BIAGLASS - passion for light
Creating high quality products for ages.
BIAGLASS Glassworks Białystok
Biaglass was established in 1929 year glassworks is specializing in production of hand-blown glass shades for lighting industry. Biaglass belongs to elite group of lighting glass works where 100% production is hand-made.
We have over 3000 different moulds for production of lighting glass shades and we still produce new ones. Every year we produce over 120 new moulds – from very small to over a meter. Thanks to following possibilities: cutting, grinding, painting, sand and acid matting and we have in production thousands of different models.
The highest quality

Most of our products is produced for special orders for world’s larger lighting manufacturers as well as individual designers.
We accept to production individual designs regardless of the quantity of order.

Proven solutions

Our technical department provide our customers advice and assistance. We offer technical support on every stage of production. We are able to perform your vision into a finished product.

Years of experience

High-class skills of our blowers and experts in glass treatment provide the highest quality of our lighting glass shades produced from clear (transparent) glass and opal (triplex) glass.

Guarantee of quality

The basis of being the best in this industry is well organized quality control process on each step of production. A team of specially selected and well trained ensures compliance with the highest requirements of our customers